Thursday, April 7, 2011

Resurrection Eggs

My son brought a sheet home from preschool with this craft idea a few days ago. It is a sweet and simple activity that can assist in teaching your child about Christ's death and Resurrection. On Easter morning you can open the empty egg and celebrate the fact that HE IS RISEN!

1 egg carton
12 plastic eggs
Paper for Bible verses
Items for each egg

Number the eggs from 1 to 12 on one end of each egg. Place the Bible verse (written on small pieces of paper) and the symbol on each egg. Count back 12 days from Easter morning. Egg #12 should be opened on Easter.

Egg #1 piece of bread Luke 22:19
Egg #2 nickel Matt. 26:14-16
Egg #3 string John 18:12
Egg #4 purple cloth Mark 15:16-18
Egg #5 thorn John 19:2
Egg #6 toothpick cross John 19:17-18
Egg #7 nail Acts 2:23
Egg #8 piece of sponge John 19:28-29
Egg #9 toothpick John 19:33-34
Egg #10 gauze cloth John 19:40
Egg #11 stone Matthew 27:60
Egg #12 empty Luke 24:5-6

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