Friday, October 14, 2011

From Waiting to Reading (in the Car)

Right now our family has one child in school. Life is still pretty simple and I'm not spending too much time in the car rushing from drop-off point(s) to pick-up point(s). I have friends with more children or older children than I have and they are spending tons (I means tons) of time in the car. Most of the car time is riding, but some is sitting and waiting. With time to spare, but not enough time to run an extra errand, they find themselves waiting in the car, just waiting, until it's time to head in to their next destination. Considering this dilemma this week, I decided that I need to start keeping a small stack of books in the car. While this waiting doesn't happen to us often (yet!), it does occasionally, and it'd be nice to be prepared. With an extra ten minutes - or even two - we can pull out a book and enjoy a good read instead of sitting with the engine running, staring at the clock or out the window. Trade your waiting frustrations for a book and enjoy!

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